Memorable Moment


Memorable Moment

My son wanted to go on a vacation trip, months from now to visit his dad Kyle. His father was an engineer, and I know that my son wouldn’t want the same course he took. He’s been away for a year and he’ll come back to celebrate Christmas with us. Two years before, my son and Kyle have been talking a lot about new projects. One of those were he can build when he became an engineer. I am glad to see how my son grows like his father who was very kind and gentle.

One day, my son talked to me and asked about what I chose to be before his father and I got married. So, I giggled and said that I was once a nurse. I saw his eyes sparkled and I know he became amazed. So I told him a lot of good stories from my life back then. I also told him how awesome it was when I was there to save many lives. I told him about all the efforts I’ve made to be there for other people. He then bombarded me with so many questions. One of them was,

“How does it feel that no one help you, Mom?

I smiled at him and said,

“It was a terrifying experience at first. He kept asking me questions about nursing, and I was happy that he was happy. At the end of it all, his last question was the one who struck me more.

“Mom, what do you want me to be?”

I looked at him and caressed his head and I say, “I want you to be you and to follow what you want to be.”

It was one of the memorable talks which I and my son have had. But, after a few weeks, I noticed a letter in his cabinet which I saw as I fixed his clothing. I got shocked by what I saw and got joyful for I realized how my felt our conversation. He saw me holding the letter and smiled at him, saying

“So you found out what you want to be.”

He smiled at me as I hand him over the paper asking, “Why did you write this Essay on why you want to be a nurse?”

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