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Getting started. This is the most important thing to do in order to achieve what you want in life. You have to start. You might fail if you don’t. Hence to succeed in life, you must start. Do what you need to do. Avoid failure by not making the first move.I, myself have experienced this, I just graduated high school back then and I was thinking so much to pursue my goal and advance myself at the end of it. Will I become the Women I wanted to?  I am so anxious about the future. I have not notice that I am forgetting to pursue my dream step by step, and I have to start first before anything else.

What I was thinking is becoming a nurse. I really wanted to be a nurse yet I do not know how. I searched online and found a site that contains essays for those who wanted to be a nurse and those who are already a nurse practitioner. Also, I have read one essay entitled -Nursing application essay sample. It helps. It helped me a lot make a move and achieve my dream. Also, it inspire me.  I read instructions and motivations from writers whom I know has pursued nursing as well.

The next day, I found myself answering an application form. It is for entering the college of nursing in front of the nursing school that I dreamed of.

I started and it continued until I passed the entrance examination to the admission period. Now, I am on the way to my new school because it is the first day of our class. I know I am on my way to being a professional nurse someday too. This is how I appreciated the quote “One day or Day one”. Get started. This is my philosophy to succeed. Make  things happen. Enjoy the  journey.


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