Struggle is Real



It has been weeks of brainstorming but I am still stumped. I cannot choose what capstone project to do.

My mind is full and cluttered. There seem to be many concerns that need fixing I consulted my peers. Bother my professor even after class. I also spend a great amount of time reading nursing capstone paper examples. However, I still cannot decide.

I do not want to disappoint my parents.  But I have this thought to drop my class. Sometimes, I am not sure anymore if to become a nurse is for me. Struggles at school are for real. I need more time. I need a break. Then an old friend of mine invites me to a mountain climbing. It was not too steep and high. But the breath of fresh air gives me a new perspective.

One day, a bad news came from my relative in another country. Not a good one. A very strong typhoon hit their house hard. People who lost their lives are hundreds and counting. Many are getting sick, especially the children.

It is an awakening for me. While I worry about my studies, somewhere, many people have no roof in their heads. Children are hungry and sick. Many are dying.

This compels me to read more nursing capstone paper examples. Now I know what my capstone project needs to be. It should address children’s health issues in our local community not only children but also senior citizens as well. They are most vulnerable subject. It should also raise awareness and instigate actions from authority. I should use all possible venue and available medium. This is to reach even the farthest corner in the community. This is the only way I could give my help to other people. That’s all folks. I hope you learned something from this NURSING CAPSTONE PAPER EXAMPLE blog.

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