My view about nursing home


This is my nursing home essay and also my view about the nursing home. Once a person gets old and their children starts to raise their own family and also busy with work. They cannot attend their aging parent’s needs. So most of them, they bring their aging parents to nursing home and visits them when they have time.

I visited a nursing home way back, when I was on my on the job training.  I saw their situation and activities inside. Some of them were accommodating and friendly and I had fun talking with them. But I noticed a few elders. They just stayed in their rooms or beds. So I had this curiosity, why did they act that way. I approached one of them and showed my friendliest smile to get her attention and I succeeded in doing that.

At first, the one I approached was around 60 years old and she was a bit hesitant to reciprocate the smile I showed. But I never gave up because I wanted to know what’s bothering her or the reason why she was not participating. The time I spent talking with her, she was a shy person and it was the first thing I noticed. But the main reason was, she was new in the institution and she was not gaining friends that time. So I decided to bring her out to the crowd and introduced her to my co trainees.

I saw a little smile from her and I also danced with her along with other elders in the institution. And before we ended the event, I saw that she was already talking to others and laughing. They eat their foods that we brought for them. I asked if she’s comfortable with her new acquaintances and she nods. The institution is clean. This nursing home essay ends here. Bye folks.

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