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I have a task to make an interview paper which will give to the nurses to the hospital. It named as the -nursing leadership interview paper-. I asked myself, what I can put in it so I got my laptop and started searching. Nursing leadership interview? I began drafting down some questions which I can show our head nurse. The first one I wrote is the question “what impacts can leadership have in nursing”.

I began to question myself about how effective our head nurse was in leadership. I remembered how organized she was when assessing us to the patients who need our help. She was always the one to give us advises on how to things right. She is also the one responsible for getting the orders from the doctor. Then I wondered how she can handle to lead the group especially when it a duty which lives matter the most.

One day, she talked to me. She informed me about me as the next assigned head nurse. I never thought that I’ll be rise into a duty which I didn’t know how to do. It was an opportunity. I must grab it  but I don’t know how to.  But what she said became pretty clear. She said how is it that I can’t see the leadership inside me which I am already doing. It struck me into realization.

Leadership is not about being a boss in our places. I have been pretty close to everyone in our hospital, and they have been to me as well. Also, I cared about them so much and when there are things they didn’t know, I help them in it. I have been a one call away nurse for my colleagues. And there’s been so many times when I became responsible for their actions, and thought about many solutions. Yet, I’ve never complained. That’s what they saw in me, that’s why she said that I have an effective leadership. So I wrote, “What does it take to become a leader”.

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