Renewed by Fai


I cannot believe I am here again and making a snow angel out of the falling maple leaves. The chills of the autumn breeze bring back memories. My aunt always brings me to the woods with her dog and my other cousins. It is good to be back in Canada.

My aunt was a local nurse. She is a young and vibrant health worker. She was an active volunteer in many different community services. I envy her zest and free spirit especially her passion to help. I admit she is my inspiration and why I also chose to be a nurse. But sadly, she succumbed to cancer one year ago.

Her room remains untouched. The stock of colorful boxes is still on top of her big closet. She also maintains a mini-library inside her room. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite spot. Her bookcase still has the complete collection of known authors. One bookcase stores all her medical books. This includes her papers, as well as projects she made when she was still studying.

I came across a red plastic envelope. It contains her Philosophy of Nursing Paper APA format. I get curious so I read it. It is amazing to know my aunt’s set of values. Similarly, her ethical standards raise the bar of health care. It is even more praise-worthy seeing how she was living true to her professional beliefs.

My family and I will spend 3 more days in Montreal before heading back to Florida. How I wish I have the power to stretch 3 days to 3 weeks. I love this place so much. I love this season of the year. The trees with its yellow orange and red leaves are just stunning.

I will leave again with a heavy heart, but with a renewed inspiration. How short as it may seem, this visit refreshes my mind. I am ready to face my own Philosophy of Nursing Paper which is also in APA format. And this time with more meaning and value.

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