Fun old days


It was really fun remembering good things from the past. I remember when I was only six years old, my only problem is that how and where I should hide when we are playing hide and seek every afternoon outside our houses. The time when we sing in front of the fan was so enjoyable. When we wave at the airplane we see above and shout through our lungs. I remember the happiness when my parents buy us dolls to play. The taste and cravings for ice cream, chocolates, cakes, and other sweets are like the taste we ever wanted. How I miss those moments.

I started making diaries with my friends when grow up a little. I wrote everything that happened to me day by day. From the day that my teacher scolded me from being so noisy in class to the day that I have received my first ever certificate in school for being an excellent student. I love writing things back then. I started with diaries until I already wrote short stories, poems, short quotes, and a lot as the time passed by.  Hence, I remember how I started writing and the joy of it.

Anyway, why I am talking about the past? I have just found a small box from our too old chest back then. That box was mine and I saw a lot of things that have made me remember the old days. Dozens of books and paper touched my life. Thus I saw my sample nursing capstone paper which reminded me my college days. Now I am already a professional nurse practitioner who loves to write. That is why my happiness and emotion when I see the box from the chest was so different. I wish to go back to the old days and create more fun memories.


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