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Why become a nurse essay

I’ve been too tired and exhausted on the school works and the lessons from classroom teachers and books are all shuffling in my mind now. Is this what they call overload? I’m so tired of presenting reports every week, reports that should always be new to the eyes of my teacher and classmates. I’m so tired of thinking new ideas just for reports. My college is not always about reporting but why do I spend more time on it? I’m so done reviewing every night because there might be a special quiz tomorrow or worst, there might be an exam. I should always be ready on school that I already forget my social life. I barely talk to my family as well. Is this college?


Ever since I came to this course, I always think if I’m really on the right path of career. It does make me tired every day and every night, but I enjoy doing it. They said, love what you do and do what you love. This is what I love, studying nursing and even though it’s really tiring, I came to love it as well. Realizing it, there’s no college that is easy. All courses will give their students tiredness, frustration, exhaustion, and a lot more downfall that will make them breakdown. But after all of it, things will build up in their inner self, it’s their professionalism and maturity that will make them a better version of themselves and will also be ready to the professional life.


I’ve read one essay online;it says Why become a nurse essay. Indeed, when you love what you do, you’ll find thousand reasons to stay and continue doing it. Though nursing is a though undertaking, my passion prevails. This Why become a nurse essay ends here. Thanks.

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