I can Change Lives



Nursing can change people’s lives. I know that to be a nurse is much more than taking care of the sick people. It is the usual meaning of the word nurse when we look up in the dictionary. Moreover, my own definition of being a nurse is much deeper. It is offering my support for those who are in great pain and for those who are dying. I do believe that being a nurse is not only to be a hardworking nurse. But to be determined, strong willed and caring for others in need as well. I am writing the essay of why I want to be a nurse essay admission, so I can express my passion of being a life changing nurse. Almost every day I can see people come and go to earn a living.

I can also see people in the street begging for food to survive. They are begging for pennies to be able to feed their families. I have always had a heart for this kind of people. I always felt the need of helping them in my own special way. So,  I always felt the need of taking care for this kind of people who are helpless. These are the reasons why I want to be a nurse to serve others. It is not of having a lot of money and to be rich nor to be famous.

Nursing can change lives especially those who need one. A nurse takes care of different kind of people every day. They takes care each person in different ways because they have different needs. I know that I can be a successful nurse whatever hardships I may meet. This is the life I choose and will always love this work. All I need is to pass this nursing admission and get the best education to be the best nurse that can change lives.

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